Power up your January with this bright delight. Salads remain some of my favorite creations. They are so healthy, nutritious and delicious. With just a few seasonal elements, a regular salad is easily transformed into something special. My lovely grapefruits were a perfect complement to this winter salad. Segmenting the fruit requires some effort, but the citrus combined with a creamy avocado is so great and so worth the effort. The tangy pomegranate arils and earthy toasted nuts with a sweet honey vinaigrette are delicious. The honey was gifted from some great friends with their own hive in their backyard in Houston — “Gibby honey” and they were so kind to share. It takes eating local to the next level! Lucky me ! I added feta (always that hint of Greekness sneaks in), but you could eliminate if you wanted to avoid the dairy.

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