Thought this recipe was perfect to feature beautiful Carlsbad strawberries. I based my recipe on the one I have linked below from Grand baby cakes. I especially loved the strawberry powdered sugar (although you could haIf the recipe as I had a lot of extra). I served my hand pies à la mode with some strawberry ice cream which was just delicious. This recipe calls for a 3 inch ring mold and I made mine slightly larger about a 41/2 inch diameter so I could do more filling. Also, I found I needed to strain the strawberries a bit before filling my hand pies and a bit more cornstarch (about a teaspoon). Reserve remaining sauce to serve as a sauce if you would like. A strained filling makes the pies a bit easier to seal. They are delicious and reminded me of a homemade pop tart.

Here is the link to the original re pie from Grand Baby Cakes and I’ve copied it below.