I cannot remember a year growing up where we did not enjoy this delicious, traditional bread during my childhood. My incredible mother would prepare a kitchen full of loaves for family and friends and whatever gathering she was attending. When I eventually moved from home, my mother shared her recipe. This bread has a very unique flavor and to find the exact flavoring, mahlep and masticha, you have to go to a Greek or middle eastern market. I like to use a combination of both. As the tradition goes, the Vasilopita is the center of attention at midnight as there is a coin of some value tucked in the underside of the bread. The bread is sliced in tranches as you ring in the new year and distributed from oldest to youngest. The recipient of the coin, traditionally is said to have luck for the entire year. My mom emailed me the recipe in the 90s and I still refer to this original email when I bake. My house smells like hers, I see her hands kneading the bread with the sticky dough and the joy she felt sharing this amazing and delicious bread with all those in her midst. Most shared family recipes are truly a love story and this one is for sure. I was very honored to have this recipe featured in the food 52 grams website. I have attached the original email Artemis sent me rather than a PDF as its stains and age give me such joy every time I see it! Happy New Year! Καλή χρόνια!