This is a delicious, indulgent recipe from Coastal Living. I made a few adjustments — most important I doubled the amount of lobster meat in the recipe. I used all lobster tails for my version.  At our local market, the fish monger will steam the lobster tails for you, making it very easy for the cook to add perfectly steamed lobster to the pasta.   I also increased the amount of bechamel by about a cup and substituted panko for saltine crackers. Finally, I added some extra cheese and seasoned with smoked paprika. The minced red onion was a perfect addition  and I would recommend a gruyère that is not aged very long and a cheddar that is not too sharp that will not compete with the delicate flavor of the lobster   Loved serving it in the individual baking dishes. 

Click here for the recipe for the original recipe from Coastal Living.