These yeast rolls are a delicious twist on the traditional cinnamon bun and they use frozen raspberries as a filling. You could substitute any fruit if you prefer something else.   I doubled up on the icing, but otherwise followed the recipe relatively closely.  I activated my yeast with a bit of water and 2 tablespoons of sugar, and added it to the milk, butter and egg mixture.  Be sure to find a warm spot in your kitchen to let the dough rise, and depending on the weather, be patient as it may take a little longer, but worth it. When let the rolls rise the second time, the raspberries released a lot of water, but this was absorbed during the baking process  I did reduce my oven temp to 375 about halfway through as the tops of the rolls were getting rather dark  my oven was set to convection.



Click here for the recipe from Food and Wine.