I found this salad recipe in the Wall Street Journal‘s  weekly Saturday Off Duty section where they feature a variety of chefs who contribute recipes to produce “seasonal and satisfying food in 30 Minutes.”  Dan Kluger’s Autumn Salad has a lot of ingredients, but I think they come together beautifully for this salad.  It also requires some special equipment, a mandoline and a julienne slicer, but there are very good hand-held ones available at a good kitchen store and well worth the investment.  For this particular salad, I think it is essential to have thinly sliced vegetables.  I love the apple and fennel with the sweetness of the currants and the nuttiness of the farro. For my salad dressing , I added a bit of Alessi white balsamic vinegar reduction to the vinaigrette, and a whole jalepeno, as I like the heat, but otherwise I adhered to the recipe.

Click here for a link to Chef Dan Kluger’s recipe or see below: